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Je Porte Mom Bebe Basic Stretchy Wrap recommended age range:

The Jpmbb Basic is perfect for newborns and can be used up to approx 4/5 months

Recommended weight limits:

Newborn  to 15kg

Materials used:

“French terry” jersey, cotton and elastane/Spandex

How the Jpmbb Basic Wrap work:

The Jpmbb basic stretchy wrap is soft straight out of the bag and is the perfect slings for newborns. The basic is narrower and shorter than the original Jpmbb wrap and does not have a pocket at the front so while it is a cheaper option is does not last as long. But for the price is a great starter wrap for a new born baby especially if you want to move onto another sling once baby is a few months old. The basic wrap can be pre-tied and you can pop your baby in and out throughout the day without having to take the sling off. Once you have practised a few times it is really easy to use and so there is a number of carries you can do without having to change the knot – front, hip, seated sideways and feeding positions.

Why we love it the Jpmbb Basic Wrap:

The Basic wrap is a great starting point for those new to babywearing. It is lovely and soft sling and perfect for the new born baby stage. It is very reasonably priced. If you have a bigger baby or want to use a stretchy wrap for longer than a couple of months we recommend the Jpmbb Original Wrap. Nothing beats the feeling of a baby being snuggly wrapped in a stretchy wrap. If you also have a todder a stretchy wrap is very practical as you can leave it on you and pop baby in and out throughout the day. We love the versatility of a stretchy wrap and love how you can do move baby to different positions without having to open the knot – font, hip, seated sideways  and feeding positions.


What Je Porte Mom Bebe say about their Basic Wrap:


JPMBB Basic Stretchy Wrap

The difference from the Original JPMBB: more affordable, but less versatile.

The width of the wrap is less than the Original, and so is the length. The fabrics used for the Basic and Basic Neon series are different from the original wrap but still allows stretch in all directions for the carrying experience and closeness with your baby that are the unique and key features of JPMBB.



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