Kokadi Tai Tai-Erna in Wonderland

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Tai Tai recommended age range:

Works really well from newborn to 18 months

Recommended weight limits:

From 3.5kgs to 15 kgs

Materials used:

100 % Cottton

How it works:

The babysized tai tai  is a lovely buckle sling that works well from newborn to 18 months. The seat can be adjusted by drawing in the velcro waist band.

The Tai Tai has a buckle to secure the waist and two longer straps that go over the shoulders

This tai tai can be used for front and back carries

Why we love it:

We love that the fabric is so soft yet the sling is really supportive. The shoulder straps ensure that it is very easy to swap between users.

What Kokadi says about its carrier:

The KOKADI TaiTai is just as popular as the KOKADI Flip and differs from it only in one – but important – point: the shoulder straps! While the shoulder straps on the Flip are firmly attached to the BabyTrage and the flip thus resembles a backpack, the TaiTai offers the wearer more freedom.




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