Snugglebugs Review

Our recommended age range:

Newborn up to 12 months

Recommended weight limits:

Newborn up to 15 kgs

Materials used:

The Kokadi Flip is made from 100 % Organic woven wrap cotton material

How it works:

The Kokadi Flip is a such a lovely soft buckle carrier which is perfect for newborns. The adjustable seat means it works up to the age 18 months depending on the size of your baby. The seat adjusts along a velcro strip which makes it really easy to adjust to the size of your baby. The shoulder straps go on rucksack style meaning it is easy to pop on and off yourself.  It is perfect for front carries for a small baby and you can move baby onto your back once they are old enough and it provides a lovely high back carry.

Why we love it:

The Kokadi Flip is such a lovely carrier for newborn babies. It is easy to adjust and make bigger as your baby grows. As it is made from woven wrap fabric it is lovely and soft and mouldable around your baby’s body.  There is an elastic strap under the sleep hood which makes it really easy to adjust the amount of head support your baby needs.  We love the Flip for small babies as its so easy to adjust and keeps your baby safe and snug. Overall its one of our favourite buckles for newborns.

What Kokadi say about their Carrier:

The KOKADI baby carrier Flip is a classic product and one of our favourite products. It is no wonder, because the simplicity of a backpack and the ergonomically advantages of a baby wrap are combined to one baby carrier.

Designed for parents who like it a little more simple and classic, we have made our Basic Line very reasonable priced without sacrificing the quality or functionality of our products. Our KOKADI baby carriers are growing with your baby and adapt to its size from birth up to a year. 100% organic cotton makes our baby carriers especially soft and easy to take care of. Our Flip – the original, is a full buckle baby carrier that is equally loved by babywearing – beginners and advanced. Easy to adjust, the baby carrier is ready to be worn within seconds.  The beautiful, monochrom blue color of our Just Lagoon Design is easy to combine with every style you choose to rock.




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