Snugglebugs Review

Our recommended age range:

Newborn up to 12 months

Recommended weight limits:

Newborn up to 15 kgs

Materials used:

The Kokadi Flip is made from 100 % Organic woven wrap cotton material

How it works:

The Kokadi Flip is a such a lovely soft buckle carrier which is perfect for newborns. The adjustable seat means it works up to the age 18 months depending on the size of your baby. The seat adjusts along a velcro strip which makes it really easy to adjust to the size of your baby. The shoulder straps go on rucksack style meaning it is easy to pop on and off yourself.  It is perfect for front carries for a small baby and you can move baby onto your back once they are old enough and it provides a lovely high back carry.

Why we love it:

The Kokadi Flip is such a lovely carrier for newborn babies. It is easy to adjust and make bigger as your baby grows. As it is made from woven wrap fabric it is lovely and soft and mouldable around your baby’s body.  There is an elastic strap under the sleep hood which makes it really easy to adjust the amount of head support your baby needs.  We love the Flip for small babies as its so easy to adjust and keeps your baby safe and snug. Overall its one of our favourite buckles for newborns.

What Kokadi say about their Carrier:

Our practical KOKADI flip baby carrier in the charming Diorite design has everything it takes to become your new favorite KOKADI!

• easy and quick to put on
• made of woven fabric
• infinitely grows with your baby
• wearable in front of the stomach and on the back
• ergonomic squat expansion posture
• made of GOTS certified organic materials
• padded hip belt
• opens and closes completely with buckles

Cuddle up in a KOKADI sea of stars: Diorite Stars

With our popular KOKADI Diorite Stars we combine current fashion trends and the most amazing wearing comfort in a wonderful way: cuddle your baby up with our beautiful KOKADI Diorite Flip in buttery, easy care and high quality organic cotton, which has been processed using the best jacquard weaving technique and enjoy unique babywearing moments – from the first day on!

The classic weaving provides a uniquely soft feeling and snuggles your baby up as gently as a second skin, while supporting your little treasure safely, reliably and ergonomically.

Our KOKADI Flip in the uniquely beautiful Diorite design is a true all-rounder, which convinces mums and dads alike with its comfort as well as its simple and cool look!

KOKADI Flip – the original

As a full buckle baby carrier, our KOKADI flip baby carrier is perfectly suitable for beginners, because it is easy and quick to put on and super easy to take care of. The flip is ready in no time for wonderful cuddles and loving carrying moments with your baby. It is not necessary to tie a sling at the beginning which is complicated to a lot of people, it can be buckled up directly!

Neither ergonomics nor comfort is neglected when it comes to our KOKADI baby carriers because they are made of the best organic materials. The baby carrier perfectly adapts to your baby and supports it safely and reliably. For optimal comfort from birth to toddler age – our Flip baby carrier grows with your child thanks to the easily adjustable Velcro fastener and the elastic band in the neck area to adjust to your baby’s head size. This way, you are always prepared for your baby’s next growth spurt.

Extensive cuddling sessions with bigger and heavier children are no longer a problem with our flip baby carrier. Thanks to the stuffed hip and shoulder straps, the weight of your baby is optimally supported and spread on your shoulders. Whether in front of you or on your back – with our KOKADI Flip baby carrier you can always carry your sweetheart exactly the way you need it!




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