Snugglebugs Review

Our recommended age range:

New size Fidella Fusion works well from approx 3 months – 3 years

Recommended weight limits:

From 3.5kgs to 18 kgs

Materials used:

100 %  Organic Cottton

How it works:

The Newsize Toddler Fusion  is a beautifully soft carrier made from all woven that works well from approx 3 months – 3 years. The seat can be adjusted by pulling the  draw string. The height of carrier is also adjustable by pulling the drawstrings on the sides.

The Fusion has 2 buckles where you can attach the shoulder straps – under the legs for a smaller baby so there’s no pressure across babies spine or on the back panel for when baby is older.

It can be used for front carriers in rucksack style. A crossed position can be achieved but its a little trickier to achieve on your own. It can be used for back carries once baby fits well and is able to hold themselves in a sitting position.

Why we love it:

We love the softest of the woven fabric and how it moulds around the baby but also provides lovely support for an older baby.The waistband and shoulder straps of the fusion are made from Woven fabric also and are lovely and soft for the wearer. It is easy to adjust the size of the seat and can easily adjusted for for 2 different sized babies. Fully opened the Fidella Fusion is a great size and will easily fit a 3 year old.

We love how small the shoulder straps can go so it works well for a petite mama to provide a high back carry and also adjusts to a larger size making it comfortable for all.

What Fidella say about their Fusion carrier:

  • usable as front and back carrier
  • continuously adjustable
  • padded leg openings
  • useable from three months
  • for babies who cannot sit up unassisted, shoulder straps are fixed to the upper back
  • for babies who sit assisted, the shoulder straps are attached to the lower back
  • padded hip and shoulder straps
  • hood serves as a neck support or sun protection


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