Studio, Consult Or Workshop: Which To Choose!

13 Apr, 2015



If you are new to slings it can be a bit overwhelming as to where to start with your research. It may also be confusing which option to pick in order to learn more about slings.

Lots of people wonder why they may be directed to have a consult or attend a workshop instead of popping into our Snugglebugs Studio or going to a Sling Meet. While we are always happy to see people and have chats, open days in our Snugglebugs Studio can be busy and one to one teaching is not possible. We would hate for someone to go home more confused than they were when they arrived because we didn’t have time to explain everything to them

It may surprise you that you need one to one teaching for a sling. It can take 40 minutes to over an hour (depending on the type of sling) to confidently learn the techniques and principles of each type of sling. In fact it may even take that long to learn a particular way to carry i.e. on the front and take another session to learn a different carry with the same sling like a back carry!

Snugglebugs Studio

We Use Weighted Dolls For Practicing Techniques








In our Snugglebugs Studio we have 5 types of Slings – Stretchy, Ring Slings, Meitai, Soft Structured Carriers and Woven Wraps. So you may not be sure which of these options will suit you. Within each of these types there are several brands which are all slightly different and feel different and its very individual to people. So you can see how time can add up when trying to decide which type will suit you and then deciding on a brand within that type.

During a consult we break this down for you. We explain the different types and we also explain the practicalities of them. We demo them and look at the optimum position for your baby’s hip and spine development. We look at safety and comfort for you and your baby.

How Do You Decide Which Option Is For You?

Think of it like this…if you want to buy a car you can go to a car show room where you can see different types of cars, touch them, ask questions, sit into them and even take them for a test drive if time allows. However if you need to learn how to drive a car you will need to book a lesson.

Pregnancy Is A Great Time To Learn & See What Suits Before Your Baby Arrives

It’s the same principle for Slings. We open our Studio so people can come and see the different options in person, ask advice, see the sample slings and try them on if you are confident using them. (with a little help from us of course)

If you are new to babywearing you may need more dedicated time to find what will work best for you. A consult is a great way to go through the different options.

Of course if you have done your research and have an idea of what you think will work for you or have a sling already and want to perfect your skills a workshop could be what you need.

If you need help deciding what will work for you please send us an email to info@snugglebugs.ie and we will be happy to offer advice,

Méabh  xxx

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  1. Aoife Colgan says:

    My baby is 7 weeks old and only likes being in my arms. I’ve only just become aware of baby wearing and think this might help me with my baby and getting on with day to day things. Can you help me as I don’t know much about slings and things. I live in Wexford

  2. Jacqui Strong says:

    Hi ladies,

    I’d like to book in for a consultation please as I haven’t a clue whats best for baby and I . Could you tell me when you next have availability?

    Many thanks,


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