My Journey To Cloth Nappies

29 Jul, 2015


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So Cloth Nappies! Are you interested but not sure?

Here’s my journey to Cloth Nappies so far.

I first dabbled in the idea of Cloth on my first little girl and I hired from the Cloth Nappy Library (A fantastic service – clothnappylibrary.ie) and was very excited to receive the package. I was a little under prepared by the differences between nappies and how they worked. I was also pregnant with my second baby and suffering from bad morning sickness and I got cloth nappiescompletely overwhelmed and ended up washing one nappy on its own as I couldn’t cope with leaving it with Poo on it. So I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind and put the idea behind me for a while.

When my second baba arrived I was still interested and really liked the idea of doing Cloth but was finding it hard to get my head round how it would all work. I was also was adjusting to life as a mum with 2 babies and struggling to keep up with house hold chores and washing (to be cloth nappies2honest I’m still not great at it and my darling hubby does all our laundry-except for the Cloth Nappies!)

But my bins were overflowing because my toddler was also in nappies and paying for 2 lots of nappies every week is expensive. So I knew I needed to and wanted to change to Cloth.

So I started very, very slowly. I had 2 nappies and used 1 each day while only at home. I also started using Cheeky Wipes washable wipes at the same time and was amazed by how easy and convenient they were to use. And I was saving a fortune by not having to buy wipes for both girls and I love that the wipes are chemical free also.cloth nappies3

My baby was the Queen of Poo explosions! They went everywhere and they would end up all up her back so requiring a full outfit change numerous times a day! No disposable nappy could catch them, I tried them all! I noticed that the Cloth ones didn’t leak and did not require full outfit changes after each one. The worse day was when she had 4 major explosions in one day and had to change the poor little baba on the front seat of my car…twice and 2 others times also that day. After that awful day I made the decision to go Cloth full time and funnily enough I have ended up with less washing to do as a result. I have to cloth nappies4pack less going out as I don’t need lots of spare outfits and it saves me a lot of stress.

So I ventured into Cloth full time during the day and surprised myself with how easy it all was, not half as stressful as I had imagined it would be and I actually really enjoy washing them, hanging them and getting them ready in the mornings. And more importantly no more leaks and my bins are half as full as they were! I also love my Cheeky Wipes and how easy they are to use even if you aren’t using Cloth they are fantastic. I am saving a fortune not buying wipes and my nappies are investment for future little bums.

I have also learned that sunlight really does get stains out! Yes if you hang a stained item in the sun, it will come out after a couple of hours!

cloth nappies555I love all the pretty nappies and picking which pattern to put on next and I must say that a big Cloth bum is ridiculously cute!

So in the words of Queen remember that “Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round” and give Cloth a go, you may be as surprised as I was.

Méabh xxx

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  1. Maisie says:

    Thanks for sharing Meabh. I’m currently researching the world of cloth nappies in preparation for the arrival of my baby, so this was helpful to read 🙂

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