Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!!

2 Jul, 2015


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So summer is here and we are all feeling hot hot hot!

Babywearing in summer is fantastic, so easy and freeing and convenient to get around.  Adventures on rough forest trails, walks on the beach and picnics in fields are made easy with slings. Airports are easy to get around and crowded festivals and events can be easily navigated with your little ones kept close in slings.

Out & About In The Park

But as the temperatures rise it is important to keep you and your little one from overheating and ensure you are both happy in the heat.

Enjoying The Dublin Taste Festival

Which Sling to choose?

Remember that any layers over your baby act as a blanket so in high temperatures slings with one light layer are a good idea or a lighter stretchy.

Ring slings are fab in the heat as they have the least amount of material covering the wearer and only one thin layer over your baby.

What to wear?

Wear light comfortable clothes yourself and as always it’s sensible for you to wear sunglasses and a hat.

On Holidays In France

Baby’s can easily over heat so keep them in as little as possible, a little vest and nappy is enough to wear. Babylegs can help protect little legs from the sun and are light and airy. A light long sleeved vest will keep arms covered. A wide brimmed sun hat that covers baby’s face and neck is a must also.

Makes Plane Journeys Easier


Apply suncream to yourself and allow to dry before going into sun to ensure that it doesn’t rub off onto your baby’s skin.  If your little one is under the recommended age for wearing suncream ensure they are kept covered at all times to protect them from the sun’s rays. If your little one is ok to use suncream take special care to ensure all areas that will be in contact with the sun are covered. Little hands, feet and cheeks can be on display to the sun.

Keep hydrated:

Wearing Only A Long Sleeved Vest & Babylegs

Keep yourself and your little one hydrated by offering plenty of water, breastfeeds or bottles throughout the day

Out and about:

When out and about try to avoid direct sunlight, keep to shaded spots and avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Skin on skin:

Wearing Only A Long Sleeved Vest & Babylegs

While it’s tempting to strip everyone off to the bare essentials be aware that skin on skin can be very hot and sticky! Light clothes or a muslin cloth between wearer and baby will feel cooler than skin on skin.


A hand fan for air, an umbrella can provide shade or a wet facecloth to wipe little faces, hands and feet can keep you and baby cool.

UV and Water slings:

Connecta Solar is made from UV protected material and is quick drying so can be lovely for the summer season. Water Ring slings are made from light material with holes in the material in order for water to pass through. Water slings are great for short times around the pool and beach or to hold a slippery baby in the shower! Most people prefer something more supportive for other times.

Happy Summer Babywearing and enjoy the Holidays 

Méabh xxx

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